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Submission Guidelines | iGen21 Magazine

January 25th
May 16th

We publish approximately 14 days after the submission dates.

Ages 10-17 worldwide.

You are welcome to submit on almost anything .. but we do not publish religious, political or controversial content.
All work must be original.
We do not have a word count.
If you would like to participate in the magazine but not sure what to contribute, here are a few ideas: poetry, artwork, short stories, your business, your blog, your youtube channels, photography, travel, life challenges, accomplishments and achievements, inspirational writings .. the possibilities are endless.
You can also submit photos and your social medial links.

When you send us your submissions, please send it via Word Document or you can copy and paste the text in the body of the email.
For pictures, please attach them as files or send in the body of the email. We cannot access your photos if they are embedded in a document.

No. We do not edit your work. What you submit is what is published.

After we receive your email we will reply back within 48 hours confirming we have seen your work and accepted it for publication.
Each magazine publishes 14 days after the submission deadline date.

iGen21 Magazine is not available in print.

Sponsors / Funding

We have no sponsors. No financial assistance. We are a family funded magazine.
This year we are actively looking for help.
If you would like to contribute, or sponsor iGen21 Magazine please reach out.
We sincerely appreciate the help. Thanks.